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Infinitum, Inc. is a company that operates as an independent commercial finance brokerage firm. We arrange commercial project and real estate financing, secured financing, hard money, and cash flow options for businesses and individuals. Our brokers come from different business backgrounds from management to real estate to established entrepreneurs. All of our experience, knowledge, and network was developed over almost three decades collectively. We are here to bring borrowers and lenders together.

Infinitum, Inc. offers a variety of financial services. Funds are available for many commercial uses such as refinancing, purchase, new construction, and long term. There are a number of shelf corporations available for the new entrepreneur that we offer.  We also have private lenders ready to invest in YOUR DREAM. Most people don’t have access to lenders who can provide adequate financing for their needs; in most cases, not even other brokers. We are here to work for you!

content image4We especially encourage entrepreneurs with new small, independent businesses with solid business plans who are eligible to take advantage of the programs our SBIC/MESBIC institutions offer.  Small Business Investment Companies (SBIC) and Minority Enterprise Small Business Investment Companies (MESBIC) are financial institutions created to make equity capital and long-term credit (with maturities of at least 5 years) available to small, independent businesses.  Over 80% of our economy is made up of small businesses.  There is money available from different resources to continue to build on this number.  

We are always one step forward in our commercial vision, and that is why we launched our corporate division to market. Our goal is to provide th